The KAVATECH is a tilt meter with two measurement directions that is packed ready for use in a briefcase. Everything you need is included: a screen, a sensor, a screen holder for the cockpit, charging cables and a power adapter.
The display language and user instructions are in Finnish, Swedish and English.


"Using the meter makes it easier and reduces work by up to 30%" (customer feedback)
"The meter is a superior aid in making asphalt soles" (customer feedback)



Measurement of two directions -
Measurement of the bucket's transverse and longitudinal inclination

- No wires
- Real-time measurement


The display and the sensor are waterproof

Long-lasting battery
- a week's use on a single charge


Magnet attachment

The sensor is attached with a strong magnet to, for example, the bucket of a work machine.

Quick start-up
- Easy to use
- Convenient to transfer to another machine
- ready-to-use package:
sensor, display, charger

The competitive price
pays for itself quickly

Recordable memory location - 6 scoop memory locations


Environmental care machines

Multipurpose tractors



Wheel loaders

Demonstration videos showing how to get the most out of the meter



Contact information
Sales phone
+358 44 9897268


 p. +380 44 188 354



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